Current Residents

Jessica and Emmanuela

Jessica and Emmanuela

STUDIOOSS Applied Arts Collective is a boutique multidisciplinary studio operated by Emmanuela Albert and Jess Blaustein. With commitments to fine craft and sustainability, STUDIOOSS works along three registers: we help make other people’s ideas look amazing, we make our own whimsical objects from pop-up books to other treasures, and we use the off-cuts from the things we make for ongoing art experimentation and play.

So what will Jessica and Emmanuela be experimenting with during their residency in the studio? They have proposed to transform the studio into a factory, and invite children to participate...

The residency: the GLOOB Factory

The GLOOB Factory is a factory for ARTmaking with paper pulp from paper waste, outside the logics of mass reproduction. The paper and pulp industry operates at massive scales in Southeast Asia with devastating environmental consequences. Through its production processes, the GLOOB Factory provides opportunities for exploring how and why things are made from paper, and the impacts of those things on the environment.


GLOOB is a play on glob, globe, and other wonderfuls. (There are also two Os in STUDIOOSS). The GLOOB Factory is a play on modern factory production but with totally different means and opposite ends. The GLOOB Factory is divided into four zones—the warehouse for raw materials, the lab for R&D, the factory floor for pulp making and sculpting (play at the GLOOB table or throw GLOOB at the wall), and the showroom for display. While flexible systems and processes for production are carefully designed for The GLOOB Factory, the things themselves are not pre-planned. Nobody knows what The GLOOB Factory is going to make in advance. The GLOOB Factory shape-shifts. Walls, floors and tables morph and grow with the fantastical things that are made by the people inside it. 

2 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 287988, #02-01  |  Tel: 9273 4991 (Isabelle)


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